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miRGator v2.0

miRGator v2.0
  : an integrated system for functional investigation of microRNAs

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miRGator v2.0 is a microRNA-associated gene expression database, which aims to facilitate functional investigation of microRNAs.
The miRGator v2.0 contains information about :

1) Human miRNA expression profiles under various experimental conditions,
2) Gene expression profiles under miRNA-perturbation (e.g. miRNA knockout and overexpression),
3) Known and predicted miRNA targets,
4) MicroRNA-disease associations.

miRGator v2.0 supports most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome) but is most optimized for Firefox(link).
      Some of the functions may not work with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

We welcome any suggestion to include new data sets on miRNA biology (e.g. miRNA profiles, miRNA-related mRNA profiles and so on). Contact us.